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MediBeacon is a company focused on optical diagnostics. They provide doctors with crucial information to enhance patient care. They offer a new Optical Renal Function Monitor which can monitor the kidney function more easily and in real time. 


C2Sense designs simple, reasonable, and easy to unite sensing decisions to help digitize gas sensing information. The sensors can assist in food freshness estimation to get rid of food waste, control the environment and preserve employees from toxic joints. 

Carmell Therapeutics

Carmell Therapeutics is a branch of the Carnegie Mellon University that commercializes patented technology which allows the production of biologically active plastics from blood plasma to treat bone and connective tissue injuries.

PEM Holding Co

PEM Holding Co. is a holding company of Penn Engineering corporation, which itself is a leading global producer of specialty fasteners, proudly serving automotive and electronics industries, network infrastructure, and general industrial markets.

Black Dog Ventures

Black Dog Ventures was established in 1998 by Tom Newman, the majority owner. As well as affiliates, Black Dog has 25 food and beverage facilities in six large airports in the USA.


Xibus is a company that specializes in food and beverage safety and creates solutions for microbiological testing to be used against allergens, spoilage organisms, and pathogens.

Simcoach Games

Simcoach Games is a global leader in coaching next-generation workforce on a new way of delivering practical learning to companies through a game-based software.


Pepperweed is a leading provider of custom packaged solutions for HP software products, which they applied by building long-lasting relationships with other partners for delivery.


SpIntellx is a branch of Pittsburgh University, specializing in computational pathology. It develops new artificial intelligence tools based on spatial analytics.

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