LTV SaaS Growth VI

LTV SaaS Growth VI was launched in 2019 with a focus on B2B apps in the Shopify ecosystem.

LTV SaaS Fund seeks medium-term investment opportunities, with a return rate of approximately 174% over a 3-5 year term.


Upselling & Cross-selling
Status Current
Year of Investment 2019
Acquisition Profile

Acquisition 1: Upselling Shopify App.

For its first acquisition, which was finalized in Q4 2019, Fund VI acquired a leading Shopify app in the upselling & cross-selling niche. Since acquisition, the app has grown at a rapid pace, with MRR rising 261.1% from Q4 2019 to Q4 2021. Much of the growth can be attributed to various successful growth initiatives, including improved customer onboarding, increased support hours and channels, new feature releases, and various UI improvements. The consistent growth, in both revenue and users has translated to increased net asset value (NAV), which climbed 349.1% since acquisition.

Conversion Rate Optimization
Status Current
Year of Investment 2020
Acquisition Profile

Acquisition 2: Portfolio of CRO Shopify Apps.

For its second acquisition, which was finalized in Q3 2020, Fund VI acquired a portfolio of Shopify apps in the conversion rate optimization (CRO) space. From acquisition in 2020, the apps have grown steadily and consistently, with MRR climbing 118.5% from acquisition to Q4 2021. Similarly to the previous acquisition, the apps saw significant growth due to improved customer support, implementing user feedback in terms of development and design, and various strategic marketing initiatives. With a growing top-line, net asset value has grown 331.7% since acquisition.

Advertising Optimization
Status Current
Year of Investment 2020
Acquisition Profile

Acquisition 3: Advertising Optimization Shopify App.

For its third and final acquisition, which was completed in Q3 2020, Fund VI acquired an advertising optimization app aimed at improving advertising ROI for Shopify merchants. Over the past year, the app has seen explosive growth, with MRR growing 52.3% from Q3 2020 to Q4 2021, while also attracting a growing user base. The fund team have made significant improvements in terms of features and functionality, UI, and marketing, which have in turn helped drive this rapid growth. With growing MRR, net asset value has also continued to climb, rising 59.1% since acquisition in Q3 2020 to Q4 2021.