LTV SaaS Fund seeks short and long-term investment opportunities, with a return rate of approximately 174% over a 3-5 year term.

We invest in a wide selection of businesses, maintaining a core focus on SaaS businesses and recurring marketplace apps to manage risk while maintaining a diversified investment base.

Our Funds

% Returns
Shopify SaaS
Status Liquidated
Year of Investment 2018
Fund Profile

Launched in 2018, Fund V focuses on Shopify apps.

Since inception in 2018, LTV SaaS Growth V has seen an incredibly strong performance. The LTV SaaS Growth V acquired a market-leading Shopify app offering extensive product variation options to Shopify merchants. The app has found continued success and increased adoption, driving MRR growth of 99% from Q4 2018 until divestment in Q1 2023.

Following a highly successful exit, Fund V achieved a gross return of 540%, net return of 339%, and an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 33.5% for the period 2018-2023.

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Shopify SaaS
Status Current
Year of Investment 2019
Fund Profile

Launched in 2019, Fund VI focuses on Shopify apps.

Building on the success of LTV SaaS Growth V, the LTV SaaS Fund team launched LTV SaaS Growth VI in 2019. Fund VI focused on acquiring B2B Shopify apps, leveraging Shopify’s large and growing user base. Over 2019 and 2020, the Fund acquired three market-leading Shopify apps.

In Q2 2023, the Fund strengthened its portfolio by acquiring a fourth established Shopify app. In Q4 2023, the Fund divested one of the Shopify brands for an impressive 461% ROI over a three-year holding period, highlighting the Fund's effective strategy.

Since acquisition, MRR has grown by 60.7% (weighted average). Fund VI operates with high margins and steady cash flows, generating net distributions of 96% since 2020.

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B2B SaaS
Status Current
Year of Investment 2021
Fund Profile

Launched in 2021, Fund VII focuses on B2B SaaS businesses.

LTV SaaS Fund team launched LTV SaaS Growth VII in 2021 and promptly began to deploy capital. Fund VII was focused on acquiring standalone B2B SaaS businesses with a clear value proposition, strong record of growth, and low churn rates. Through Q3 2021, the Fund completed five acquisitions, all of which proved highly successful, and since deploying all capital in Q3 2021 the Fund paid out 24.3% in net cash distributions.
*Growth is shown as portfolio revenue growth year-over-year as of Q4 2022

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B2B SaaS
Status Current
Year of Investment 2022
LTV SaaS Growth VIII

Building on the experience and success of the previous funds, LTV launched its flagship fund in 2022, LTV SaaS Growth VIII. Fund VIII focuses on B2B SaaS businesses in the fintech and payment processing space, and in Q4 2022 invested in ThriveCart, a leading B2B digital checkout cart provider. Given the successful growth strategies executed by the Fund, ThriveCart revenues have grown 66.7% from 2022 to 2023.

Alongside ThriveCart, Fund VIII acquired a growing digital marketing tool that helps strengthen user engagement on websites through personalized interactions, which has grown 26.0% from 2022 to 2023.

Fund VIII completed its third investment in Q4 2023, acquiring a leading funnel building and conversion rate optimization tool to bolster its portfolio. Total growth for the portfolio was 78.5% year-over-year. Fund VIII is now ideally placed to deliver above-market returns through a combination of organic growth and bolt-on acquisitions.

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