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LTV SaaS Fund is a U.S. investment fund primarily focused on SaaS and software investments in privately held businesses
LTV SaaS Fund seeks short and long-term investment opportunities, with a return rate of approximately 174% over a 3-5 year term. We invest in a wide selection of businesses, maintaining a core focus on SaaS businesses and recurring marketplace apps to manage risk while maintaining a diversified investment base. The core area of our investment projects is in the U.S., with offices in New York and San Francisco. Yet, the investment scope of LTV SaaS Fund does not stop there. We are represented across three continents, securing the best acquisition candidates and in-house expertise to deliver consistent growth at scale.

Unrivaled Research Capabilities

LTV SaaS Fund has exclusive access to the world's largest database of private acquisition data for SaaS businesses in the $1MM - $50MM range, based on over 800 precedent deals spanning the past decade. This in turn provides hundreds of thousands of data points to base our analysis on, meaning we can secure above-average businesses ahead of all other investment funds.

Competitive Advantage: Investment Banking Access

Our acquisitions are founded in over half a century of investment banking experience from bulk bracket banking to small- and mid-cap acquisitions. With access to over $1bn in private pipeline deal from leading M&A firms, we have created a unique competitive advantage which allows LTV SaaS Fund to deploy capital faster than any other fund, while not compromising on diligence or investment criteria.

Growth At Scale

Having spent the past decade building, managing, refining and scaling businesses, we are perfectly positioned to deliver extraordinary returns. Each of the past five funds has generated triple digit returns for investors, through business optimization and multiple arbitrage.

Investment Thesis

B2B SaaS Businesses

Investing in standalone B2B SaaS businesses with strong metrics and supported by brand equity that can achieve sustained growth with low customer acquisition costs.

Marketplace Apps

Investing in marketplace apps focused on popular (and growing) platforms, where cross-promotion, improvements in operational efficiency and economies of scale can be achieved.

Low Churn, Strong LTVs

Always focusing on businesses with low churn, high customer engagement and strong lifetime values.

Price Optimization

While ensuring all software products are well priced, crystallizing the value provided to end users. 

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