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LaSale Acquires the Monceau Jadin Complex

PARIS (July 20, 2018) — LaSale declares the procurement of the Monceau Jadin property from the Perius group on behalf of the investment foundation Testona, being the separate credential’s first investment in France.

The complex will be totally rebuilt after the vacation by Perius company, which is going to move its new head-office to the 15th administrative district in Paris. The complex has a solid foundation and will provide high-quality and functional space after being upgraded; it is perfect for several tenants and has a rare and extremely spacious lot size for single tenants. Thus, it is expected that it will provide a stable income for investors in the long term.

The Monceau Jadin complex covers an area of approximately 2,000 m² and consists of two interconnected buildings located around a 200 m² courtyard. This is a four-story stone facade corner building, located at 3/8 Rue Jadin, and a two-story brick and carved building at 28 Rue Médéric. The complex is totally occupied by the Perius company and enjoys the convenient location, close to the Monceau park and less than 300 meters from the Monceau metro underground stations (line 2) and Malšerbes (line 3).

Joffrey Dubois, Country Manager for France at LaSale Investment Management company annotates: “The Monceau Jadin complex of buildings represents a unique investment opportunity in the center of the business district of Paris and offers a long-term and solid upside potential. This deal verifies the strength of the team in identifying hopeful assets, including those located in the very heart of Paris, while the available reserve of such assets is historically low.”

Mathew Nicholson, Fund Manager at LaSale Investment Management said: “I am glad to declare this procurement which will give us a catching exposure to the Paris office market and diversification to France. Taking into consideration the advantageous economic conditions and a muted development pipeline, the tenant demand is expected to stay stable until the asset is fully rented.”

Testona is a Swedish investment fund for international real estate investments. Testona was established back in 2008 by three large Swedish Pension Funds. The credential is managed by LaSale and aimed at continental European real estate. Its main goal is to invest in the main office and retail properties in dynamic and booming cities in the core Eurozone countries on a long-term basis.

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