LTV SaaS Growth VIII

LTV SaaS Growth VIII was launched in 2022 with a focus on B2B SaaS businesses.

LTV SaaS Fund seeks medium-term investment opportunities, with a return rate of approximately 174% over a 3-5 year term.


Status Current
Year of Investment 2022
Fund Profile

Investment 1: ThriveCart

Fund VIII's first investment, finalized in Q4 2022, was ThriveCart, a leading B2B digital checkout cart provider. ThriveCart enables merchants to sell digital and physical products online.

In 2023, ThriveCart's revenues rose by 66.7% from 2022. The platform also processed over ten figures in transaction volume (GMV), a 30.8% increase from 2022. This growth was driven by strategic initiatives, seasonal campaigns, product enhancements, enhanced affiliate marketing, and a new payment processing agreement. ThriveCart's performance highlights Fund VIII's effective strategy, positioning it for continued success.

Digital Marketing
Status Current
Year of Investment 2022
Fund Profile

Investment 2: Digital Marketing Tool

Fund VIII's second investment, completed alongside ThriveCart in Q4 2022, was a digital marketing tool designed to strengthen user engagement on websites through dynamic and customizable on-page content.

The platform allows users to launch personalized offers, lead capture forms, and segmentation surveys to the right visitors at the right time. Since its acquisition, the business has seen revenue growth of 26.0% from 2022 to 2023. Targeting the same customer profile as ThriveCart, this digital marketing tool provides complementary features that enhance ThriveCart’s offering, improving ThriveCart’s value proposition.

Conversion Rate Optimization
Status Current
Year of Investment 2023
Fund Profile

Investment 3: Conversion Rate Optimization Tool

Fund VIII's third investment, completed in October 2023, was a leading digital marketing tool specializing in conversion rate optimization (CRO). This CRO tool provides robust solutions for building high-converting landing pages and enhancing online marketing campaigns.

Since its acquisition, the tool has significantly enriched the Fund's portfolio by filling crucial feature gaps and unlocking new cross-selling opportunities. Annual revenues grew by 65.0% year-over-year, with direct sales increasing by 136.1% from Q4 2022 to Q4 2023. This strategic move integrates a leading platform and innovative tools, bolstering the team, enhancing customer engagement, and broadening revenue generation. This addition strengthens the Fund’s competitive advantage and aligns with ThriveCart’s Ideal Customer Profile, enhancing the overall product suite.

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