Global SaaS Investment Management Fund

LTV SaaS Fund is a U.S. investment fund focused on SaaS and software investments in privately held businesses.

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Investments focus on a broad portfolio of profitable SaaS businesses and marketplace apps to manage risk while maintaining a diversified investment base.

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Acquisition Experience
Acquisition Experience

With more than 50 years of combined SaaS M&A experience, LTV SaaS Fund is ideally placed to identify profitable and scalable SaaS businesses while quickly and effectivley completing each acquisition.

Operational Expertise
Operational Expertise

With well-established industry relationships, decades of operations experience, and unprecedented insight into SaaS businesses, LTV SaaS Fund has shown to deliver consistent growth at scale.

Deal Flow
Deal Flow

As an industry leader, LTV SaaS Fund has built up incredibly strong relationships with leading M&A advisors, providing a unique competitive advantage and access to consistent deal flow.


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